Our Philosophy

In the business of Motion Picture Exhibition, as in ANY business, one must accumulate income and control expenses in order to be successful. For a movie theatre, the film buyer plays an important role on both sides of this equation.

In broad terms, ESP, as the film buyer, serves two main purposes. In order to accumulate income we consult with a theatre owner to help educate, enlighten and apprise them about upcoming films so they can make decisions about which movies to play in their theatres. Once decisions are made, in order to help control expenses, we negotiate with the film distribution companies, as the theatre owners’ agent, to get the best film rental terms possible.

Securing the right film for your theatre is one of the most important components to meeting the challenge of independent motion picture exhibition. We currently buy for approximately 500 screens encompassing nearly forty independent theatre owners all across America. These screens, and our strong relationships with distributors, give us buying power and access that makes acquiring the most appropriate film more successful. We help you make decisions about films by providing knowledge and understanding of the market place that comes from Los Angeles based connections who know about the buzz on the streets; access to and reactions from advance screenings; attention to industry tracking; access to comparative numbers and insight into distributor expectations, etc.

With the expense pressures from the need to convert to digital projection as well as from the relentless consumer demand for the latest innovations in sound, seating and visual enhancements coupled with film rental aggregates creeping ever upward because of run away production costs; negotiating the best possible film rental terms is essential. ESP deals daily with many different film company branch offices. We know about deals being made all over the country, comparing and contrasting distributor-to-distributor as well as division-to-division, branch-to-branch and even salesperson-to-salesperson. This knowledge, our relationships and our buying power mean better terms for our clients.

About ESP

Doug Endicott and Mark Schulte are the principals of ESP. Doug has been buying film for well over 30 years and started ESP on it journey to its current position of respect for skillful and assertive representation on behalf of independent theatre owners. We are an invaluable source of information and guidance for theatre owners and operators of all kinds. We offer exhibition, distribution and related industries experience totaling well over 50 years. We have worked in theatres from the age of 16, from usher and concession to projection and management; directed operations for a regional circuit; conducted field inspections and audits for independent theatres; owned an advertising agency with film company clients including 20th Century Fox, Orion & Tri-Star; worked on a national level in publicity and promotions at New World Pictures and Universal Pictures; and worked as Studio Accounts Rep for National Screen Service. Additionally, we continue to advise distributors on specialized product release patterns, consult on theatre acquisitions & financial proformas and served on committees with the National Association of Theatre Owners of California & Nevada.

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